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Xtragrip Green Mirror Adhesive

Xtragrip Green Mirror Adhesive

Xtragrip Green Mirror Adhesive
  • Details

    Bohle America introduces Xtragrip Green the most environmentally friendly Mirror Adhesive available!

    Xtragrip Green is an exclusive Bohle product for installing and fixing mirrors with outstanding features which include:
    •High tack and fast grab formula
    •Superior bonding strength
    •Adhesion to unprimed surfaces
    •Very high strength capability
    •The latest hybrid sealant technology
    •Solvent free, low VOC (59g/L), low odor, 100% solids environmentally friendly formula

    Xtragrip Green is a revolution in Mirror Adhesives and meets the most demanding environment compliance standards of any state while remaining cost effective. Moisture cure, high tensile strength 435 psi, shore A hardness 50, skin formation 5 min.
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